Corporate / Brand Overview
Brand Overview
AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited is a leading property development company , offering a wide range of residential properties for sale including townhouses, detached houses and condominiums. Each development project is located in a convenient residential neighbourhood or very close to the central business area, thus residents have easy access to various destinations. We accommodate the differing needs and lifestyles of residents and are committed to delivering quality design that fits in with the specific characteristics of each neighbourhood. Our property development portfolio includes the following 15 brands.
AP Property






The company and its 10 subsidiary companies have an aspiration to develop high-quality residential properties located in the heart of the city or in great residential areas within the 1.4-20 million baht price range. In addition to potential locations in urban areas or near the public transport system, we focus on accommodating the needs of home buyers of each segment. Location, neighbourhood characteristics, individual needs and lifestyles are all taken into account in determining the optimal solution for our customers and ensuring the best possible properties, price range, brands and styles.