Facility management
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Facility management
At AP, we run a dedicated Call Service providing support services for our residents. Whatever you need, from general inquiries, requests for home repairs or facility maintenance to resolving complaints, we are ready to assist. Our dedicated staff provide you with services during weekday hours from 08:30-17:30. Alternatively, you can leave a message during out-of-service hours and our staff will get back to you the next business day.
Each project has a team of dedicated and experienced management team is responsible for the care and assistance . And the work for you by a specialist such as repair services . Power supply problems The team will get the issue from Smart Call Service has been notified . And the team will find the right home to help take care of and solve the problem .
At each project, our highly-experienced team is specifically assigned to provide you with technical or any other assistance ranging from general home repairs to services for plumbing, electrical and mechanical problems. Shortly after getting your request through the Smart Call Service, our team will get back to you to provide assistance and solving problems.