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Project Detail


The Centro Watcharapol


AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited

Project Location

Watcharaphol-Sukhapiba 5 Road

Project Area

111-1-22.4 Rai

General Description

Centro Watcharapol offers modern Oriental styled single-detached homes located on prime real estate. The development is conveniently located near shopping malls, hospitals and schools. Centro Watcharapol is located off of Watcharaphol-Sukhapiban 5, and is approximately 3 km. from the Sukhapiban 5 Expressway entrance and exit.
The development is easily accessible to the entire Bangkok transportation network through Watcharaphol Road, Ram Intra Road, Sai Mai Road, Phaholyothin Road, Kaset-Nawamin Road, Praditmanutham Road, Ratchada-Ram Intra Road, and also the Outer Ring Road (East Portion).
It is conveniently surrounded by shopping malls, hospitals and schools such as Fashion Island, the Crystal Park, CentralPlaza Ramindra, Big C Watcharapol, Synphaet Hospital, Srisiam Hospital and Lertlah School

Number of Units

407 Units


A fully equipped Modern and luxurious Oriental styled clubhouse complete with comprehensive facilities which include a large swimming pool, a fitness center, men and women’s steam room/sauna, and a large garden that is able to accommodate all types of relaxing lifestyles.

Other Details

Exclusive Double Gate Security system with Remote Control Access, 24 hour security guards with CCTV coverage at the main entrance and exit and a 3-meter high fence surrounding the project
* The company reserves the right to change the above mentioned details without prior notice.
Modern Oriental Style Luxury Clubhouse

Home Type

Coordinates (13.91031,100.67511)
* The company reserves the right to change the above mentioned details without prior notice.