AP reinforces leadership


AP reinforces leadership

in urban single detached homes, launches 6 new projects,unveils ‘New Normal Home’ prototype

(11 May 2020) – AP (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd. is poised to move full steam ahead in the second quarter.  Reinforcing its leadership with the largest share of the market for urban single detached homes and announced the launch of six new single detached home projects worth a total of Bht 7,270 million under The City and Centro brands.  As the highlight of the new projects, they represent a prototype for residences that empower New Normal living, breaking away from homes in the old context to delivering a new dimension of functional space that emphasises warmth, hygiene and cleanliness in combination with ‘Hybrid Living innovation for a single detached home’ that understands life.  All comes complete with an advanced technology that enhances safety, peace of mind and comfort in an environment that keeps manual handling to the minimum.  Prices of the new developments start from Bht 4.59 million to Bht 25 million.  Initial bookings are scheduled for 23-24 May.    

Mr. Ratchayud Nunthachotsophol
, Chief Business Group, Single Detached Home, AP (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd., said, “Thanks to the confidence and great acceptance of urban family customers, we are able to report our success in the four-month net presales of AP’s low-rise projects standing at as high as Bht 6,900 million, or minimum weekly sales of Bht 380 million.  It was a satisfying outcome and can guarantee the remaining of real demand in single detached home market amid the COVID-19 situation.  Though we have seen some improvement in the situation, the end of it is not yet in sight.”

 “As an industry leader, we see every crisis as an opportunity to challenge our thinking approach to take space maximization to the next level.  With the main mission to Empower Living to fulfill every life purpose, we are ready to move ahead and intensify our effort towards continued growth.  We are reinforcing our portfolio of single detached homes with the highlight being our prototype for residences that empower living in response to the new normal.  It comes with the launch of six new single detached home projects worth Bht 7,270 million to win over urban family customers in the second quarter of the year,” said Mr. Ratchayud.

Since every crisis always leads to new living behavior, the company has taken its operation to the next level by breaking away from the old context of single detached home design to get ahead of imminent change in response of every demand and concern of every member of the family.  The second quarter presented a challenge for AP to take its space maximization to the next level by building on its space design approach and integrating Hybrid Living innovation for a single detached home that understands life to make a splash in the market again with AP’s single detached home brands The City and Centro.  This new batch will be ‘single detached homes that respond to the new normal’ through four main dimensions that will empower tomorrow’s living for today.

  1. New dimension of functional space. From the first steps into your home, the design ensures that you have more functional space.  With guest’s space separate from family’s space, it ensures improved privacy and less anxiety in multi-generational living.  A wide of activities can take place in a multi-purpose room that can be transformed into a work-from-home office or an online learning space for young members of the family.  It comes complete with green gardens around the home to increase family’s quality time to breathe refreshing air and enjoy the shades of big trees.
  2. New dimension of safety. The intelligent home security system takes good care of the whole family 24 hours a day.  It includes IP camera that can live stream though applications to look after every member of the family even when you are not home.  It allows you to monitor movements all the time.  There are also door and window sensors to monitor movements and send out siren warnings as well as an emergency button.
  3. New dimension of comfort and convenience. The intelligent home instruction system connects together smart technologies controlled by mobile applications to increase convenience and being touchless.  From the first steps into your home, applications let you open/shut the door, control lighting in tandem with motion sensor, as well as smart air conditioning.
  4. New dimension of peace of mind. The next level of security is added 24 hours a day to support your tendency to buy items and food online via Katsan platform – a smart protection assistant that helps with strangers screening or parcel receipt.  The system will send notifications to your mobile phone when you have a guest.  If not necessary, the resident does not have to go outside of the house.  The system also helps screen doubtful vehicles and track movements.            

Valued at a total of Bht 7,270 million, the six new single detached home projects, a prototype for new-normal residences that come with up to Bht 400,000 of additional discount during the first booking opening on 23-24 May, include

1.  The City Sathorn - Kallapapruek
Valued at Bht 1,580 million, it offers new-design single detached homes with space functions of the future.  Built on an area of 31 rai, there are 121 residences in a great location at the nexus of main roads, only 10 minutes from Sathorn and two minutes from MRT Bang Khae station.  Prices range from Bht 12 million to 20 Bht million.

The City Rama 9 – Krungthep Kreetha Valued at Bht 1,000 million, it offers luxury single detached homes that meet every need of family members.  Located on an area of 20 rai, there are 76 residences by the New Krungthep Kreetha Road, only 10 minutes to Rama IX Road and Airport Rail Link.  These residences are available for Bht 12-25 million.

3. The City Ramintra 2
It cost Bht 1,140 million to build the group of luxury single detached homes on the main road with easy access to the city centre, only five minutes to Jatuchot Expressway and Ramintra Road.  There are 116 residences on an area of 32 rai.  Prices range from Bht 9 million to Bht 15 million.

Centro Sathorn - Kallapapruek Valued at Bht 1,500 million, this newest series of single detached homes offers the most complete living connectivity in the best city-centre location, only 10 minutes to Sathorn and two minutes to MRT Bang Khae station.  A total of 173 residences are offered on an area of 37 rai.  Prices are from Bht 7.99 million to Bht 12 million. 

5. Centro Prachauthit 90
Valued at Bht 1,150 million, it comprises luxury modern single detached homes for ideal living of every lifestyle.  A total of 256 residences are offered on 50 rai in a location that connect together Suksawat Town – Rama III - Sathorn and Sukhumvit - Bang Na Zone.  Prices start from Bht 4.59 million to Bht 6 million, and

6. Centro Maha Chesadbodindranusorn Bridge 2 Valued at Bht 900 million, it offers full-function single detached homes for today and tomorrow.  There are 102 residences on 25 rai of land near MRT Saima station, only 20 minutes to Chatuchak.  Prices range from Bht 8.99 million to Bht 10.9 million.

“Based on our understanding of the current situation and to make it more convenient for our customers to contact and make a visit to our projects, we have opened online channels for customers to get in touch with us and to have a virtual experience of our projects in convenient and personal ways while having a conversation to get special privileges just like they would come to our sales offices in person on Line Official Account @APThai and Line Official Account of each project.  They are on standby to answer any questions 24 hours a day,” said Mr. Ratchayud.

“In addition to the launch of the six new single detached home projects in the second quarter, we have partnered with Bank of Ayudhya to help facilitate and shoulder some expenses for homebuyers so as to make it easier for our customers to own an AP single detached home.  It comes with our campaign of the year, one which will let homebuyers clear up principal loans, reduce interests and reduce expenses by 50% on a batch of single detached homes under The Palazzo, The City and Centro brands in more than 30 locations near the expressways and rapid transit lines.  We have some of the best offers for homebuyers such as up to Bht 5 million of discount, 100% full home loan with an interest fixed at 0.5% for one year, a fee waiver for mortgage registration and many more special offers at the sales galleries of the 30 single detached home projects whose prices range from Bht 4.99 million to Bht 60 million.  These special privileges are available only to customers who make their booking and ownership transfer now until 30 June,” added Mr. Ratchayud.       

AP Thailand is in pursuit of EMPOWER LIVING mission to fulfill every life purpose with valuable and meaningful product and service innovations


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