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Townhome, Nonthaburi

Experience the scent of happiness and tranquility in living spaces filled with joy, through the golden location near Bangkok, just a breath away.

AP offers the new townhome project ready for occupancy in the Nonthaburi area, in an attractive location near Bangkok. Suitable for those seeking accommodation that meets their travel needs, with main roads, expressways, and the purple skytrain line readily available. Additionally, it is filled with conveniences and numerous leading shopping malls. Yet, you can still experience the essential scent of peace and happiness necessary for comfortable living.


A location connecting the city center and provinces.

The townhome project in Nonthaburi from AP is situated just a short distance away from Bangkok, making it possible to travel conveniently to various destinations. It offers multiple entry and exit routes, such as Ngamwongwan Road connecting to major roads like Phahonyothin. Additionally, Rattanathibet Road provides several routes leading to the city center. Moreover, with the purple and pink skytrain lines, commuting to Bangkok has become even more convenient.


Surrounded by shopping malls for everyday convenience.

Townhomes in Nonthaburi from AP are surrounded by numerous shopping malls, such as Central Westgate, IKEA Bang Yai, The Mall Ngamwongwan, Esplanade Ngamwongwan-Khae Rai, and Central Rattanathibet. These malls allow you and your family to spend quality time shopping on leisure days to cater to every lifestyle and create moments of happiness every day.


Experience the tranquility of living in a prime location.

Townhomes in Nonthaburi from AP are an option that meets the criteria of convenient, complete, and peaceful living. Suitable for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle, it is another excellent choice for anyone planning to purchase a residence in the future. Located in a prime location near Bangkok, it can accommodate various lifestyles and needs.