Twin Houses Phahonyothin-Wacharaphon
The most popular prime area of all availabilities, which can be customized according to lifestyles

Twin Houses in the Phahonyothin-Wacharaphon Area, from AP Thai, is a new project in the heart of Bangkok s northern area, filled with complete and comprehensive amenities. The project can suit every lifestyle, such as shopping, dining, or simply chilling out. Commuting to the city center is just convenient and fast, allowing for the life with the fullest of all available conveniences, including educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and shopping malls.

Twin Houses Phahonyothin-Wacharaphon-Highlight image
01 No Tiring of Traveling, Easy Access to the City with Just One Connection
02 Indulge in Shopping and Dining Pleasures with Plenty of Malls and Shops
03 Surrounded by Convenience, Elevating Quality of Life
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Twin Houses Ladprao-Ramintra Area
The most livable and potential location in Bangkok, on the eastern side, with easy connection to the city, catering to every lifestyle and the needs of new generations.

Even more livable than before, the twin house project in Ladprao-Ramintra area from AP is located in the prime area of Bangkok on the eastern side, connecting to the city easily and conveniently. Close to both expressways and motorways, with access to the Pink and Orange MRT lines, this makes the life more enjoyable than ever. Plus a plenty of amenities such as shopping malls, green spaces, and parks, it meets the needs of every age group, all in one place at Ladprao-Ramintra.

Twin Houses Ladprao-Ramintra Area-Highlight image
01 Conveniently Located Near Expressways, Motorways, and the Skytrain
02 Shop, Dine, and Explore—All Your Lifestyle Needs
03 The Area of Continuous Development Trend for the Future
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Twin Houses Petchkasem
Spacious twin houses with complete living space in the western part of Bangkok, convenient with skytrains, shopping malls, hospitals, and leading schools

The twin houses in the Petchkasem area by AP Thai, with beautiful and modern-style designs of complete functionality, are catered to every residential needs in the western part of Bangkok, close to the Siriraj Expressway, Outer Ring Road, blue and green skytrain lines. It is just half an hour to reach the city center, surrounded by convenient amenities, including shopping malls, hospitals, and leading schools.

Twin Houses Petchkasem-Highlight image
01 Experience More Than Just Living
02 Conveniently Connected to the City Center
03 Complete Convenience, Catering to Every Lifestyle
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Twin Houses Rama 9
Twin Houses Rama 9, situated on the eastern side of Bangkok, with convenient travel and easy access to the CBD within minutes, catering to the needs of modern families

Twin Houses in the Rama 9 area by AP Thai feature complete functions and spacious living areas. This new project is situated in a location that meets the lifestyle needs of new families, surrounded by numerous amenities, including shopping malls, hospitals, and educational institutions. It s also conveniently located near Suvarnabhumi Airport, with excellent transportation options, such as skytrain, the Sri Nakarin-Romklao expressway, and motorways, making it quick and easy to connect to the CBD.

Twin Houses Rama 9-Highlight image
01 Located Close to the City Center, Catering to the Needs of Modern Families
02 Spacious Living Areas for All Family Activities
03 Complete Convenience, Catering to Every Stage of Life
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Twin Houses Bangna
Twin Houses in the Bangna area by AP Thai, a new project ready to occupy, situated in the best location in Bangkok s eastern area, with convenient travel to the city and easy commuting to other provinces.

Twin Houses in the Bangna area by AP Thai, a new project ready to occupy, are located in the eastern area of Bangkok. Traveling is convenient with excellent transportation infrastructure, including the BTS Skytrain, the Burapha Withi Expressway, the Sirat Expressway, and the Chalerm Mahanakorn Expressway, providing easy access to other provinces or the city center. The project is also close to renowned shopping malls, such as Mega Bangna, Central Bangna, Paradise Park, and Seacon Square.

Twin Houses Bangna-Highlight image
01 Meeting the Needs for Easy Access to the City, Close to Expressways
02 Convenience with the Skytrain, Reaching the City Center in Just 30 Minutes
03 Meeting the Needs of Every Family Member
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Twin Houses Suk Sawat
Escape the hustle and bustle of the big city and relax in the Suk Sawat area. Easy access to the city, fully equipped with conveniences to meet all your needs.

Twin Houses Suk Sawat, from AP, is a new residential project in an area with potential along the Chao Phraya River, a location poised for economic development. Its first highlight is easy transportation, making coming in and out of the city convenient. You can live life to the fullest according to your needs. Additionally, it s one of the few areas still abundant with green nature. It s perfect for those who love peace and want to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Twin Houses Suk Sawat-Highlight image
01 Nature heals the soul, providing full relaxation every day.
02 Connected together with wide roads, complete with public transportation systems.
03 Perfect for the lifestyle of new generations, complete with dining and travel options.
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Twin houses at Don Mueang - Tiwanon
Live a more fulfilled life with the conveniences and excellent environment provided at Twin Houses, Don Mueang - Tiwanon, one of the golden locations in the city. Convenient transportation makes living comfortable.

Experience a more fulfilled life in the Don Mueang - Tiwanon area, one of the prime residential areas. Easy access to both expressways and public transportation means you don t have to spend much time commuting. Moreover, it s complemented by conveniences and excellent surroundings, including shopping malls, shops, restaurants, as well as new businesses and projects that continue to expand along with the growth of the area.

Twin houses at Don Mueang - Tiwanon-Highlight image
01 Close to the heart of the city, with easy international travel.
02 Bringing together dining, leisure, and shopping to cater to every lifestyle, ensuring no boredom.
03 The environment and key spaces help children grow.
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Twin houses in the Rangsit-Lam Luk Ka area
The twin houses in the Rangsit-Lam Luk Ka area from AP Thai offer complete functionality for everyone in the family, situated in a highly potential location in northern Bangkok.

The twin houses come with spacious living areas, catering to all family activities, both new projects and ready for occupancy in Bangkok s northern region. They are filled with happiness with complete conveniences, including shopping centers, hospitals, and leading educational institutions, with convenient and fast travel options close to main roads, railways, expressways, and airports, allowing you to connect to the heart of Bangkok or venture to other provinces on holidays.

Twin houses in the Rangsit-Lam Luk Ka area-Highlight image
01 Modern design, complete functionality, and spacious living areas for everyone in the family.
02 Potential location with easy access to the city center.
03 Close to leading educational institutions with conveniences.
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Twin houses in Nonthaburi
Twin houses in the Bangna area from AP Thai are new projects ready for occupancy in an area of high residential interest.

Twin houses in the Bangna area from AP Thai are new projects ready for occupancy, located right next to Bangkok. It s a residential zone that s currently booming, with newly built houses designed to meet all usage needs, modern and equipped with complete amenities. Whether it s shopping centers, restaurants, or important government facilities, there s easy travel access to and from the city center of Bangkok via the nearby Srirat Expressway and Outer Ring Road.

Twin houses in Nonthaburi-Highlight image
01 A modern and quality residential community.
02 Fulfilling every need: shopping, dining, chilling.
03 Convenient travel, easy access to the city.
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Twin houses in CBD CLASSE from AP Thai
Twin houses in CBD CLASSE from AP Thai are ready to occupy on the best golden locations in the central business district of Bangkok.

Provide every lifestyle with complete luxury at the super-luxe "Townhome, Downtown Classé" by AP. Both new and ready-to-move-in projects are located on the "3 Golden Locations, the new business center of Bangkok," with innovative luxurious residential solutions that excel in every design aspect, offering convenience. Situated in the heart of the business district, it meets all your needs at a very reasonable price.

Twin houses in CBD CLASSE from AP Thai-Highlight image
01 Ratchada-Ladprao
02 Ratchayothin
03 Sukhumvit 77
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