Location Highlight Single Detached House
Chaiyapruek - Chaengwattana

A chic community, infused with the classic aroma of the old neighborhood, on a street lined with shops and shopping destinations.

Single detached houses in Chaiyapruek - Jaengwattana by AP, a new and ready-to-move-in project located in the midst of a revitalized old community, blending tradition with a contemporary lifestyle for added vibrancy and chicness. It features classic-style communities like row houses and studios, extending to large shopping malls, making it truly charming and classic, and blends seamlessly. Connected directly to Chaiyapruek Road leading straight to Chaengwattana Road, this area is full of shops and shopping malls. Crossing the Rama IV Bridge makes it a convenient and easily accessible area, making it a desirable place to live.


The Essence of an Old Community in a Modern and Unique Style

The charm of the old town blending seamlessly with modernity, this single detached house project in Chaiyapruek - Chaengwattana is nestled in an area with an old community along the Chao Phraya River or in the Koh Kret area. The project has adapted to modernity while preserving the allure of the old community. Stylish shops and restaurants are located nearby, including mills, studios, and trendy dining spots, enhancing the appeal of the neighborhood. It s a special and desirable place to live.


Loved by Stylish Individuals: Enjoying Nearby Attractions on Foot or by Car on Chaengwattana Road

The new community is ideal for lifestyle enthusiasts, featuring shopping centers, stores, and cafes along Chaiyaphruek Road and nearby locations. It is close to popular areas like Robinson Lifestyle Ratchapruek and Central Westgate. When driving from a single detached house on Chaiyaphruek Road over the Rama IV bridge you will reach Chaengwattana Road, where there are shopping malls like Central Chaengwattana and an abundance of restaurants, this location perfectly caters to a vibrant lifestyle, offering everything from dining, shopping, photography, to entertainment.


Connected to Chaengwattana Road with Convenient Transportation via Outer Ring Road

Chaiyapruek Road connects to Chaengwattana Road, and this location is surrounded by shopping malls, office buildings, and government centers. This makes single detached houses in this area convenient, and easily accessible, especially with the Western Outer Ring Road, providing even greater convenience for commuting. It s suitable for living, allowing a peaceful and private retreat after a busy day at work.


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