Ramintra - Watcharaphon - Chatuchot

It is a popular area with a plethora of shops and restaurants covering the entire space. It is also equipped with a full-scale multiplex for easy access and convenience in travel.

It is the single detached home project in the Ramintra - Watcharaphon - Chatuchot area by AP. This new and ready-to-move-in project is situated in a prime location that everyone should be familiar with. The residential addresses are spread throughout the area, resulting in numerous new shops and malls opening to cater to various lifestyles. There are complete and diverse amenities, addressing every lifestyle need. Additionally, it features a large multi-complex and connects seamlessly to various centers, making it perfect for taking a stroll, dining out, or shopping for home essentials as an ideal for families. It is modern, and conveniently accessible.

Ramintra - Watcharaphon - Chatuchot-Highlight image
01 Prime Location, Ideal for Residence and Profitable Investment
02 Multi-Complex Connected to Shopping Centers: Convenient Shopping Experience
03 Close to Skytrain and Expressway, Just Minutes from the City Center
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Sukhumvit - Bangna - Srinakarin

A highly popular location with a vibrant atmosphere, surrounded by shopping centers, providing convenient and easy access for both international travel and reaching the heart of Bangkok.

Single detached homes in the Sukhumvit - Bangna - Srinakarin area from AP, a new and ready-to-move-in project in a well-known location. This area is connected to the main road, Sukhumvit, and is suitable for purchasing a single detached house for residence and investment for future returns. It is fully equipped with shopping destinations, brand names, and nationally renowned shopping centers such as MEGA BANGNA and CENTRAL VILLAGE. Convenient transportation is available via the skytrain, main roads, expressways, and special routes. Additionally, it is close to Suvarnabhumi Airport, making international travel easy.

Sukhumvit - Bangna - Srinakarin-Highlight image
01 Quality Area, Prime Location, Popular, Eternal Desirable for Residence and Investment
02 A Shopping Lover’s Paradise with Close Proximity to Shopping Hubs and World-Class Furniture Brands
03 Easy Access to Both City and International Travel with Proximity to Suvarnabhumi Airport
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Vibhavadi - Don Mueang - Chaengwattana

Comprehensive Entertainment in a Convenient Location, Easy Travel, Near Don Mueang Airport

Single detached homes in the Vibhavadi - Don Mueang - Chaengwattana area, from AP s new and ready-to-move-in project in a vibrant neighborhood. Highlighted by a nationally renowned entertainment center, such as Impact Arena, which hosts various activities and tradeshows regularly. Additionally, there are numerous top-notch shopping centers around, making it a delight for shoppers and tourists alike. Moreover, the atmosphere is international, with frequent world-class events, and it is conveniently located near Don Mueang Airport, easily accessible by the red line of the sky train and connected via expressways and tollways.

Vibhavadi - Don Mueang - Chaengwattana-Highlight image
01 Vibrant Space: A Center for Entertainment and World-Class Events
02 Desirable Neighborhood: Proximity to the Airport and International Feel Realized in Bangkok
03 Easy Travel: Close to Skytrain, Adjacent to Expressways, Convenient Access to the City Center
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Phetkasem - Bangkhae - Bangbon

A prime location with a promising future that catches the eye, convenient with the main MRT line.

Translation: Single detached houses in the Phetkasem - Bangkhae - Bangbon area from AP, a new and ready-to-move-in project in a quality location with a promising future. The property value continues to rise due to the MRT Blue Line passing through Phetkasem Road, the main route through the heart of the area. Therefore, traveling to the city center is easy and convenient, with a direct ride on the MRT. Additionally, along the entire Phetkasem Road, there are numerous shops, department stores, and shopping malls, providing a plethora of options for shoppers and welcoming buyers to shop to their heart s content.

Phetkasem - Bangkhae - Bangbon-Highlight image
01 Potential Area: Continuous Increase in Value That Captivates the Gaze
02 Quiet and Pleasant Living, Just a Short Walk to the Main Road, Abundant Shopping Destinations
03 Convenient Travel with a Direct Sky Train to Asoke and the Phetkasem Main Road
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Phaholyothin - Rangsit - Vibhavadi

A comprehensive center with stores of every level, impressing both stay-at-home dads and moms. Just a short drive takes you to the city center.

An area that has everything, pleasing the housewives, winning the hearts of husbands, and being beneficial for the children as well. This is because it encompasses shopping malls, IT centers, furniture centers, large wholesale markets, and fresh markets all spread throughout the entire area. Additionally, it provides convenient travel connections to both the heart of Bangkok and destinations outside Bangkok, with the Red Line skytrain, tollways, and easy access to different provinces or countries due to the proximity of Don Mueang Airport.

Phaholyothin - Rangsit - Vibhavadi-Highlight image
01 A Gathering Place of Shops: Convenient Shopping in Every Style - Housewives Will Love It, Shopaholics Will Adore It
02 Near Don Mueang Airport, Easy and Convenient Travel Anywhere
03 Connected via Tollway and Red Line Skytrain: Convenient and Fast Travel
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Ratchaphruek - Pinklao - Nonthaburi

An up-and-coming area, newly unpacked, filled with modernly designed houses, and quality neighbors.

An area worth keeping an eye on for residence, as it s becoming increasingly popular and trendy. Featuring newly constructed houses with modern designs, the community in the area is of high quality. The vicinity is brimming with shops, restaurants, and newly opened shopping centers, providing convenient services. Additionally, the location offers easy and convenient access to and from the heart of Bangkok, thanks to its proximity to the Sirat-Outer Ring Road Expressway.

Ratchaphruek - Pinklao - Nonthaburi-Highlight image
01 Residential Area Worth Keeping an Eye On with Quality Neighbors Nearby
02 Delicious Dining and New Shopping Hub: Clean and Ready to Serve
03 Convenient and Rapid Travel Connected by Sirat - Outer Ring Road Expressway
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Chaiyapruek - Chaengwattana

A chic community, infused with the classic aroma of the old neighborhood, on a street lined with shops and shopping destinations.

Single detached houses in Chaiyapruek - Jaengwattana by AP, a new and ready-to-move-in project located in the midst of a revitalized old community, blending tradition with a contemporary lifestyle for added vibrancy and chicness. It features classic-style communities like row houses and studios, extending to large shopping malls, making it truly charming and classic, and blends seamlessly. Connected directly to Chaiyapruek Road leading straight to Chaengwattana Road, this area is full of shops and shopping malls. Crossing the Rama IV Bridge makes it a convenient and easily accessible area, making it a desirable place to live.

Chaiyapruek - Chaengwattana-Highlight image
01 The Essence of an Old Community in a Modern and Unique Style
02 Loved by Stylish Individuals: Enjoying Nearby Attractions on Foot or by Car on Chaengwattana Road
03 Connected to Chaengwattana Road with Convenient Transportation via Outer Ring Road
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Rama 9 - Krungthep Kreetha - Ramkhamhaeng

High-potential investment area, a new business district connecting to the heart of the city.

Single detached houses in Krungthep Kreeta - Ramkhamhaeng from AP is a new and ready-to-move-in project situated in an area with renowned companies. Convenient transportation with access to 3 train lines (Orange Line, Yellow Line, and Airport Link), plus proximity to the motorway nearby. This area is poised for both residential living and investment, showing potential as the new business hub of Bangkok. Additionally, it s close to Suvarnabhumi Airport, making it highly suitable for both domestic and international travelers.

Rama 9 - Krungthep Kreetha - Ramkhamhaeng-Highlight image
01 High-Potential Area with Multiple Train Lines: Ideal for Investment
02 The New CBD, A Hub of Leading Companies
03 Easy Travel, Whether Heading Downtown or Out of Town
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Suksawat – Prachauthit – Rama II

The green neighborhood is a pleasant place to live, just a short drive to the heart of Bangkok.

Single houses in the Suksawat - Prachauthit - Rama II area by AP, is a new and ready-to-move-in project located in an area surrounded by trees and close to the lungs of Bangkok, such as Bang Krachao, it offers a pleasant and tranquil living environment. Easy access to both the central business districts of Bangkok, like Silom or Sathorn, and travel to destinations like Pattaya or other provinces in the eastern region is facilitated by convenient routes that bypass the city. Ideal for residential living, commuting to work, or enjoying leisurely drives on weekends.

Suksawat – Prachauthit – Rama II-Highlight image
01 Central City Oasis: Fresh Air and Serene Atmosphere Amidst Greenery
02 Easy In-and-Out City Travel, Located in the Heart of Bangkok s Business District
03 Easy Provincial Travel, Convenient Journeys with Bypass Routes
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Boromratchachonnani – Pinklao – Thawiwatthana

The chicest area, encompassing shops, cafes, and even affordable shopping destinations is easily accessible and comfortable for city access.

Those with a chic and vibrant lifestyle wouldn t want to overlook this area, as it is filled with an abundance of shops, cafes, and diverse shopping destinations. Whether it s Central Pinklao, Chang Chui, Taling Chan Floating Market, or Pin Ngern Pin Thong Plaza, these locations are scattered throughout the area. Additionally, transportation is convenient with access to two skytrain lines, the Sirat Expressway, and the Borommaratchachonnani parallel skyway, making it easy to travel to the city center or head towards the western part of Bangkok.

Boromratchachonnani – Pinklao – Thawiwatthana-Highlight image
01 The Ultimate Chic and Stylish Lifestyle Hub on the Thonburi Side
02 Complete Shopping Experience: From Department Stores to Budget-Friendly Shops
03 Easy Connectivity to the City Center: Convenient and Swift Access
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