Location Highlight Single Detached House
Phetkasem - Bangkhae - Bangbon

A prime location with a promising future that catches the eye, convenient with the main MRT line.

Translation: Single detached houses in the Phetkasem - Bangkhae - Bangbon area from AP, a new and ready-to-move-in project in a quality location with a promising future. The property value continues to rise due to the MRT Blue Line passing through Phetkasem Road, the main route through the heart of the area. Therefore, traveling to the city center is easy and convenient, with a direct ride on the MRT. Additionally, along the entire Phetkasem Road, there are numerous shops, department stores, and shopping malls, providing a plethora of options for shoppers and welcoming buyers to shop to their heart s content.


Potential Area: Continuous Increase in Value That Captivates the Gaze

Translation: The prime location for single detached houses along Phetkasem - Bangkhae - Bangbon is highly worth following. This area has significant growth opportunities due to the presence of a skytrain cutting through the center of this district along Phetkasem Road, resulting in a plethora of shops and restaurants, as well as a series of lined-up department stores along this road. The captivating charm makes this neighborhood enchanting, desirable, and with a high potential for the future—a sight not to be missed.


Quiet and Pleasant Living, Just a Short Walk to the Main Road, Abundant Shopping Destinations

The single detached house project in the location of Phetkasem - Bangkhae - Bangbon is situated along a vibrant and colorful road, definitely not empty or dull. Along Phetkasem Road, which serves as the main central axis in this neighborhood, you ll find shops, restaurants, and department stores lined up along the entire route. Whether it s Seacon Bangkhae, The Mall Bangkhae, Big C Phetkasem, Victoria Garden, or many more, they are all situated along this road. Once you venture into the side streets from the main road, it becomes tranquil and quiet, making it a highly desirable place to live.


Convenient Travel with a Direct Sky Train to Asoke and the Phetkasem Main Road

Single detached houses in the Phetkasem - Bangkhae - Bangbon area offer convenient and relaxed travel without the need for a car. You can easily hop on the MRT Blue Line and reach Asoke with just one ride. However, if you prefer driving, Phetkasem Road serves as the main route connecting to significant areas on the Thonburi side. Whether it s Wongwian Yai or heading westward in Bangkok, Phetkasem Road is the main thoroughfare, ensuring convenient, comfortable, and easy travel.


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