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Boromratchachonnani – Pinklao – Thawiwatthana

The chicest area, encompassing shops, cafes, and even affordable shopping destinations is easily accessible and comfortable for city access.

Those with a chic and vibrant lifestyle wouldn t want to overlook this area, as it is filled with an abundance of shops, cafes, and diverse shopping destinations. Whether it s Central Pinklao, Chang Chui, Taling Chan Floating Market, or Pin Ngern Pin Thong Plaza, these locations are scattered throughout the area. Additionally, transportation is convenient with access to two skytrain lines, the Sirat Expressway, and the Borommaratchachonnani parallel skyway, making it easy to travel to the city center or head towards the western part of Bangkok.


The Ultimate Chic and Stylish Lifestyle Hub on the Thonburi Side

The area from Boromratchachonnani- Pinklao- Thawiwatthana is a vibrant zone featuring numerous cafes, shops, and enticing restaurants. It is undoubtedly a hotspot for those who appreciate a lively lifestyle, particularly in the Chang Chui area, a hub that brings together the creations of art enthusiasts and extends all the way to Taling Chan Floating Market, a blend of classic charm and contemporary chic. Content creators are sure to love this area.


Complete Shopping Experience: From Department Stores to Budget-Friendly Shops

Shopping destinations vary in styles in the Boromratchachonnani - Pinklao - Thawiwatthana area. This neighborhood boasts a multitude of shopping venues, ranging from shopping malls and leading department stores to large-scale, budget-friendly shopping hubs. Whether it s Central Pinklao, Tang Hua Seng, Pin Ngern Pin Thong Plaza, or Thonburi Fresh Market, convenience is at your fingertips. Whatever you desire is available close to home, eliminating the need for extensive travel and saving you time.


Easy Connectivity to the City Center: Convenient and Swift Access

Traveling is incredibly convenient for those residing in this area. Reaching the city center is not a challenge as it is well-connected through the Sirat Expressway and the Borommaratchachonnani parallel skyway. A short drive allows you to seamlessly enter downtown Bangkok. Alternatively, public transportation is also comfortable with the presence of two nearby skytrain lines—the red line and the blue line of the underground metro system.


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