Location Highlight Single Detached House
Ratchaphruek - Pinklao - Nonthaburi

An up-and-coming area, newly unpacked, filled with modernly designed houses, and quality neighbors.

An area worth keeping an eye on for residence, as it s becoming increasingly popular and trendy. Featuring newly constructed houses with modern designs, the community in the area is of high quality. The vicinity is brimming with shops, restaurants, and newly opened shopping centers, providing convenient services. Additionally, the location offers easy and convenient access to and from the heart of Bangkok, thanks to its proximity to the Sirat-Outer Ring Road Expressway.


Residential Area Worth Keeping an Eye On with Quality Neighbors Nearby

A dynamic and attractive area for single detached houses, townhouses, and townhomes. Currently, the Ratchaphruek - Pinklao - Nonthaburi area is filled with modern residences and newly constructed developments scattered throughout the neighborhood. Catering to residents of all lifestyles, this area is highly desirable, offering tranquility and quality neighbors. Additionally, there are numerous conveniences, shops, and newly opened restaurants throughout the entire area.


Delicious Dining and New Shopping Hub: Clean and Ready to Serve

There are restaurants, shops, and shopping destinations that cater to various lifestyle needs in several locations, including CENTRAL WESTGATE, CENTRAL WESTVILLE, IKEA Bang Yai, THE WALK Ratchaphruek, along with many delicious dining options. These places cater to diverse lifestyles, offering opportunities to enjoy special meals with friends. Importantly, these newly opened shops, restaurants, and shopping spots are recently constructed, making them beautiful, clean, and highly serviceable.


Convenient and Rapid Travel Connected by Sirat - Outer Ring Road Expressway

In addition to being trendy, the convenience of getting around in this area meets all needs. Whether traveling to the city center or connecting through the Sirat - Outer Ring Road Expressway, the proximity of this neighborhood makes driving a short 5-15 minutes to enter downtown Bangkok easy, convenient, and swift. Traveling back and forth is comfortable and hassle-free.


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