Location Highlight Single Detached House
Rama 9 - Krungthep Kreetha - Ramkhamhaeng

High-potential investment area, a new business district connecting to the heart of the city.

Single detached houses in Krungthep Kreeta - Ramkhamhaeng from AP is a new and ready-to-move-in project situated in an area with renowned companies. Convenient transportation with access to 3 train lines (Orange Line, Yellow Line, and Airport Link), plus proximity to the motorway nearby. This area is poised for both residential living and investment, showing potential as the new business hub of Bangkok. Additionally, it s close to Suvarnabhumi Airport, making it highly suitable for both domestic and international travelers.


High-Potential Area with Multiple Train Lines: Ideal for Investment

A single-detached house project in Krungthep Kreetha - Ramkhamhaeng is situated in a highly promising area in East Bangkok that is attracting considerable attention. It presents development opportunities and is expected to increase significantly in value in the future with multiple train lines passing through, including the Orange Line, Yellow Line, and Airport Link. Thus, there is a growing trend for residents to move in, making it ideal for both investment and future profit-making.


The New CBD, A Hub of Leading Companies

Renowned companies, both large and small, are situated in the Krungthep Kreetha-Ramkhamhaeng area, especially on Ramkhamhaeng Road with both small and large-scale enterprises situated along it and with potential for continued increase. For this reason, the area is transforming into a new economic hub of Bangkok in the near future. Moreover, it is attracting the development of numerous shopping centers, stores, and restaurants, making it a highly desirable and well-rounded neighborhood for those looking to buy a single-detached home in this area.


Easy Travel, Whether Heading Downtown or Out of Town

Traveling from the single detached houses in the Krungthep Kreetha - Ramkhamhaeng area to the heart of Bangkok, such as Asoke and Sukhumvit, or even traveling to various provinces in the eastern region, is easy and very convenient. This is because it is connected by the motorway. Additionally, it is close to Suvarnabhumi Airport, making it especially suitable for those who travel frequently and live in Bangkok.


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