Ratchaphruek Townhome
Live comfortably in the prestigious Ratchaphruek neighborhood for a more delightful everyday retreat.

It is the townhome in the Ratchaphruek neighborhood by AP, a new and ready to move in project in a growing community near Bangkok, as well as easy transportation with convenient access to multiple roads. It is surrounded by workplaces, schools, and comprehensive healthcare facilities, close to lifestyle hubs that cater to the needs of the new generation.

Ratchaphruek Townhome-Highlight image
01 Meets Every Travel Need
02 Surrounded by Comprehensive Amenities
03 Lifestyle Hub for the New Generation
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Suksawat Townhome
The location has a growing charm, worth keeping an eye on. It provides easy and quick access to the city center, making it convenient for various lifestyle needs.

It is the townhome in the Suksawat - Pracha Uthit area from AP, a new and ready-to-move-in project located not far from the heart of Bangkok. Conveniently connected to various routes, it is another neighborhood full of the original charm of the community. It remains peaceful yet steadily growing, surrounded by prosperity. Whether it s leading department stores, hospitals, or educational institutions, it caters to every lifestyle.

Suksawat Townhome-Highlight image
01 Easily Connected, Convenient for All Types of Transportation
02 A Diverse Hub for Various Lifestyles: Whether for Chill Vibes or Foodie Adventures
03 Convenient Living with Complete Amenities
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Rangsit - Lam Luk Ka Townhome
It is a highly promising and convenient neighborhood with easy access to the airport, expressways, and railways, surrounded by numerous popular shopping malls.

It is the townhome in the Don Mueang - Rangsit - Lam Luk Ka area by AP, a new project situated in the northern part of Bangkok. It brings vibrancy to every aspect of living with complete conveniences, whether it s shopping centers, educational institutions, hospitals, or proximity to the airport. With easy connectivity through main roads, skytrains, and expressways, it allows for seamless travel into the heart of Bangkok or to other provinces.

Rangsit - Lam Luk Ka Townhome-Highlight image
01 The Heart of Transportation Connectivity, a Hub that Links Everything Seamlessly
02 Shop, Dine, and Chill Every Weekend - Fill Life with Vibrant Colors
03 Thriving Continuously with Comprehensive Amenities on All Fronts
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Bang Yai Townhome
It blends a traditional living with a modern lifestyle, equipped with conveniences, in an up-and-coming area near Bangkok.

The townhome in Bang Yai from AP, a new and ready-to-move-in project, is located in the heart of Bangkok s rapidly growing western side. Ideal for the lifestyles of the new generation, adding vibrancy to every aspect of living, surrounded by leading shopping centers, it retains the essence of local living, providing convenience as a connecting point for travel to the city center and other provinces.

Bang Yai Townhome-Highlight image
01 Quick and Convenient Access to the City Center or Heading to Different Provinces
02 Shop with Joy, Savor Delicious Treats, and Add Color to Your Lifestyle
03 Open Up to New Experiences with the Surrounding Conveniences
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Phet Kasem Townhome
Located on the western side of Bangkok, it has everything, including skytrain, shopping malls, schools, and leading hospitals.

It is the townhome in the Phet Kasem area from AP, a new project on prime land, close to both the Sirat Expressway-Outer Ring Road and the blue and light red MRT lines, providing easy access into the city. Additionally, the area is filled with amenities such as shopping malls, community malls, schools, leading universities, and hospitals. Plus, there are several important green spaces for relaxation, adaptable to every lifestyle, catering to the needs of every family perfectly.

Phet Kasem Townhome-Highlight image
01 Connecting Travel In and Out of the City Effortlessly
02 Amenities Suitable for Every Generation s Lifestyle
03 Residential Space in a Prime Location Worth Keeping an Eye on in the Future
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Pinklao - Boromarajonani - Salaya Townhome
It is a popular residential zone for those living in Bangkok, on the western side, tranquil with convenient transportation and complete amenities.

It is the townhome in the Pinklao - Boromarajonani - Salaya area from AP, a new and ready to move in project located near the city, with convenient access via major roads and various expressways to railway stations and piers. Additionally, it offers complete amenities, including shopping malls, schools, universities, and hospitals, making it suitable for families with members of all ages.

Pinklao - Boromarajonani - Salaya Townhome-Highlight image
01 Convenient Travel on All Routes Both on Land and by Boat
02 Complete Amenities Situated at Every Corner
03 Immerse Your spirit in a Positive Environment with Lush Greenery
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Bang Bua Thong – Chaiyaphruek Townhome
It is connected to multiple major roads, making it easy to reach any points in Bangkok, with complete amenities.

The townhome in the Bang Bua Thong - Chaiyaphruek area from AP, a new and ready to move in project, provides an easy access to the CBD with multiple major roads. It features leading shopping malls and interesting tourist destinations for families to explore. With a reasonable budget, it offers a tranquil environment suitable for every family s residence.

Bang Bua Thong – Chaiyaphruek Townhome-Highlight image
01 Multiple Main Roads and Connectivity both Within and Outside Bangkok
02 Versatile Malls, Tourist Spots, and Check-In Points in Every Style
03 Affordable Prices with Private Spaces
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Tiwanon – Pakkret – Chaengwattana Townhome
The area harmoniously blends traditional lifestyles with the urban life lifestyle.

The townhome in Tiwanon-Pakkret-Chaengwattana area by AP, a new and ready-to-move-in project located near expressways, provides a quick access to the CBD. It is packed with conveniences for all lifestyles – dining, chilling, and shopping, including department stores and community malls, while preserving the charm of traditional living seamlessly.

Tiwanon – Pakkret – Chaengwattana Townhome-Highlight image
01 Car-Train-Boat Hub of Transportation in the Western Bangkok Side
02 A Complete Blend of Dining, Leisure, and Shopping Experiences, Harmonizing both Traditional and Modern Lifestyles
03 Suitable for Every Lifestyle, Complete with All Amenities
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Bangna Townhomes
It is a prime location that accommodates every lifestyle, catering to all activities in life.

It is the townhome in the Sukhumvit - Bangna - Srinakarin area by AP, a new and ready-to-move-in project in the best location, serving as a gateway to the eastern region, boasting excellent connectivity with a comprehensive transportation network. With proximity to BTS Skytrain, Buraphawithi Expressway, Sirat Expressway, and Chalerm Maha Nakhon Expressway, it makes a travel to the city center convenient, linking Sukhumvit-Thonglor-Ekkamai-Asoke, Bangna-Suvarnabhumi, and surrounded by large shopping centers such as Seacon Square, Paradise Park, Mega Bangna, and Central Bangna.

Bangna Townhomes-Highlight image
01 Close to Expressways, Easy Access to the City, and Convenient for Traveling to Other Provinces
02 City Life about 30 Minutes Away by Skytrain to the City Center
03 Complete Lifestyle Hub Near Mega Bangna, IKEA – A Shopper s Paradise
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Rama 9 Townhome
It is a new prime area in Bangkok s East, strategically located in the redefined landscape of Krunthep Kreetha, providing a shortcut to the heart of Rama 9.

The townhome in Rama 9 - Krungthep Kreetha area by AP features a new and ready-to-move-in project on a strategically located spot that meets the urban lifestyle needs. It is surrounded by amenities and lifestyle hubs at every corner, with easy access to comprehensive transportation modes, including the BTS, expressways, and motorways. Moreover, the project is situated along the new Srinakarin-Romklao Road (New Krungthep Kreetha), offering a convenient route to the city center. Another key advantage is the quick and easy access to Suvarnabhumi Airport from this location.

Rama 9 Townhome-Highlight image
01 Prime Location with Comprehensive Workspace Amenities for Professionals
02 All-Around Convenient Living Environment: Support for Every Aspect of Residence
03 Comprehensive Connectivity: Linking Directly to Suvarnabhumi Airport with Just One Station
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Ladprao - Ramintra Townhome
It is a desirable zone on the eastern side of Bangkok, close to the expressway and motorway, with convenient access to both the Pink and Orange BTS Skytrain lines, making transportation easy amid comprehensive amenities.

It is the townhome in Ladprao - Ramintra area by AP, a new and ready-to-move-in project in the most desirable location in eastern Bangkok, close to the expressway and motorway, offering easy access in and out of the city. It is also enhanced with transportation options of the new Pink and Orange BTS Skytrain lines, to shorten a commute and elevate the quality of life. Being complete with amenities such as green spaces, shopping malls, community malls, hospitals, schools, and even amusement parks of everything in one zone, all can support a lifestyle that suits perfection.

Ladprao - Ramintra Townhome-Highlight image
01 Convenient Travel with Direct Access to the City via Skytrain and Expressway
02 Convenient and Relaxing Lifestyle with Nearby Chilling and Shopping Spots
03 Fulfilling Every Aspect of Life in Good Environment
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Phaholyothin – Watcharapol Townhome
It is one of Bangkok’s prime locations, gathering vibrant colors and excitement on all sides, amidst a tranquil living environment of high quality.

It is the townhome in the Phaholyothin-Watcharapol area from AP, a new and ready-to-move-in project located in the prime location of Bangkok. For this neighborhood, it is filled with richness, vibrancy, and tranquility amidst a high-quality living environment in the first thoughts of many people s minds. Surrounded by shopping malls, large markets, and easily accessible community malls, it also boasts connectivity to main roads, secondary roads, and expressways, making travel smooth. Additionally, there is a nearby green metro line, providing convenient access for residents to travel into the city in just one step.

Phaholyothin – Watcharapol Townhome-Highlight image
01 Live Next to the City with Just One Skytrain Connection
02 Complete Shopping Experience that Meets Every Lifestyle
03 Complete Convenience for a Better Quality of Life
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