AP Thailand strengthens ‘APITOWN’ brand kicks off big campaign APITOWN All Over Thailand x Chef Kapom

23 May 2024

in high-potential cities with 4 new projects in the pipeline

AP Thailand strengthens ‘APITOWN’ brand kicks off big campaign APITOWN All Over Thailand x Chef Kapom


  • AP Thailand with a promise of Cheevit Dee Dee Tee Lueak Eng Dai reinforces leadership in Thailand’s residential property industry with 33 years of experience and customer trust


  • Builds on the strength of the APITOWN brand as a Home that Elevates Life. With confidence in the roadmap, the firm increases investment substantially in a total of 15 new and move-in ready projects worth Bht 13,530 million


  • Celebrating the 5th anniversary of the APITOWN brand with the kick-off of the ‘APITOWN All Over Thailand’ campaign which represents a strategic growth path aimed at leading the industry. The expanded portfolio includes single detached homes, townhomes, and twin homes across all regions of Thailand.


  • Campaign’s key highlight presents a profound dimension in home interior conceptualisation, where every square metre reflects an understanding of the Thai family context in each province. This includes elements such as the house, food and mother’s kitchen, from which the new generation grows up, to design APITOWN homes as true quality homes that understand life


  • In collaboration with Chef Kapom, the campaign will travel up north and down south with APITOWN, sharing the charm of Thai family life, mom-cooked food and the joy of upcountry homecoming, empowering every family member’s life journey


  • “APITOWN” – a milestone of how the brand wins over customers in the provinces through the design of quality home spaces, on track to launch 4 new projects throughout the year with full-on upgrades in all details, located in the best areas of three initial cities: Suphanburi, Rayong 2 and Hat Yai, with brim confidence in growth potential and purchasing power of these provinces


  • Positioning APITOWN as the true quality home from AP that answers to all the lifestyle needs of urban families in all the regions of Thailand. All homes stand out with spaces designed to support a superior lifestyle, featuring common areas complete with a massive co-living lounge, fitness, swimming pool and garden along with AP Living Service, a 24-hour smart security innovation


  • Meet APITOWN projects of quality homes that elevate life from AP. Pre-sale events for new projects will be held in the first 3 cities: APITOWN Suphanburi on 20 - 21 Jul at Bht 1.99 - 4.99 million APITOWN Rayong 2 on 24 - 25 Aug at Bht 2.09 - 4.99 million and APITOWN Hat Yai in Q4/2024. For more information, visit http://apth.ly/AP-APITOWN


  • Follow campaign #APITOWN All Over Thailand x Chef Kapom to experience happiness from living real life around Thailand, up north, down south, enjoying mom’s local cuisine – all playing out into the design of quality home from AP that is ready to elevate urban life all over Thailand together via major channels Facebook and YouTube AP Thai


Bangkok (23 May 24)Mr. Vittakarn Chandavimol, Chief Corporate Strategy and Creation, AP Thailand Public Co., Ltd., said, “AP Thailand is strengthening its provincial expansion plan to build on the success of the APITOWN brand under the proposition of APITOWN as a home that elevates life from AP. It’s a reinforcement of our leadership in the residential property development industry that never stood still for 33-plus years as we keep developing single detached homes, townhomes, twin homes and condominiums, and now have more than 400 projects in total across quality locations in Bangkok and nearby provinces. With our experience and expertise in developing residences and quality spaces to elevate the quality of life for urbanites, we are expanding our investment through the APITOWN brand. We present a new type of residence, one with a design unique to each region, ensuring that we meet the needs of regional homeowners who have diverse demands and lifestyles for individual regions of Thailand.”  


And this year the APITOWN brand marks its 5th anniversary. It’s five years of tangible growth in project development bringing to homebuyers in different provinces a wide range of quality products, including single detached homes, townhomes and twin homes. With a dynamic investment roadmap, we are bringing a total of 15 new projects worth over Bht 13,530 million to homebuyers. For this year, we have four new projects worth Bht 3,200 million. These four projects will initially be offered in three provincial cities: APITOWN Suphanburi worth Bht 750 million, APITOWN Rayong 2 worth Bht 950 million and APITOWN Hat Yai worth Bht 800 million.



APITOWN – Quality Home that Elevates Your Life from AP 


“We intend to make APITOWN more than a housing project but a delivery of a new standard that elevates every living experience beyond expectations. This is done through three major strategies: 1) Going into new provincial cities with strong economic growth potential to develop projects cities with clear customer demand and continued purchasing power. 2) Tapping into ‘Location in Location’ cities with multiple-route access and 3) Focusing on developing projects as part of the cities. We design homes and space functions based on the unique lifestyle of customers in each city to create the best life space in response to the needs of customers in those provinces. We want to make sure that every APITOWN project delivers a home offering the best living quality from AP, one that empowers residents, instills pride, and appreciates future value.”




Strategy 1: Investing in project development in provinces that are central locations linking regional economic zones. These provinces have strong growth potential in various dimensions and, importantly, remain a blue ocean with sparse supplies of residences but with clear purchasing power and demand from new-generation families leading urban lifestyles, ones with high purchasing power looking for quality homes from the country’s leading brands.


Over the years, APITOWN has been well accepted. They recently amassed 40% - 50% in sales on average. Particularly notable projects are APITOWN Khon Kaen and APITOWN Rayong, which will close sales in the final phase this year. 



Strategy 2: Tapping into quality ‘Location in Location’ land. All APITOWN projects are built in prime locations in proximity to all comfort and convenience, close to lifestyle communities and local business hubs complete with all the facilities and amenities e.g. schools and hospitals.     


Strategy 3: Developing projects to be a part of the cities. First, AP Design Lab teams conduct field surveys to study how customers live their real lives. The company then applies these insights into diverse lifestyles to create a new standard by designing residences that respond to the desire for Cheevit Dee Dee Tee Lueak Eng Dai. Whether it is a single detached home, townhome or twin home, APITOWN offers homes that cater to everyone from those starting a family to mid-size and extended families.



“We aim for all houses in APITOWN projects to be ready to deliver quality spaces to customers by designing functional spaces that support all needs for today and the future, which is the best response to what our customers are looking for. For example, we designed a massive living and dining space to accommodate the whole family and visiting guests. This space connects to a closed Thai kitchen. Up onto the second floor, there is a Master Bedroom along with 2-3 other bedrooms, each with a built-in water closet. Customers can also adapt the function to be a prayer room and working room. Also, home automation technology is used, one which is practical and easy to maintain. Our façade design, while focusing on urban modern design, has a charming character unique to each region. Our major highlight like the common area, we are confident that it is superior and the most complete. It comes complete with 24-hour fitness, a chic co-working lounge, a swimming pool and a garden – all designed to be used by people of all age groups, to name just a few.”




For the second half of the year, AP will open sales for its new projects starting with three provincial cities: APITOWN Suphanburi on the main road right in the centre of the city only 3 minutes away from Robinson Suphanburi. Presales are scheduled for 20 - 21 Jul. Prices range from Bht 1.99 - 4.99 million APITOWN Rayong 2, right on the main road, centrally located among three industrial estates, and only 10 minutes away from Central Rayong. Presales are scheduled for 24 - 25 Aug. Prices range from Bht 2.09 - 4.99 million and APITOWN Hat Yai in a high-potential location close to the city, only 5 minutes away from Hat Yai airport. Presales are scheduled for the fourth quarter of the year.  



Major campaign “APITOWN All Over Thailand” presents lifestyle perspectives from around the country in the belief that ‘Home is the life power charger.’ 


In its latest industry move, AP is preparing to kick off a major campaign called APITOWN All Over Thailand” in collaboration with Chef Kapom. The campaign is designed to showcase life in APITOWN home – a happy home that is peaceful and comfortable, where all family members spend their quality time together, especially during meals. In addition to reinforcing the perception of AP as the real estate industry leader that understands the different contexts of lifestyles – an understanding which has been channeled into its expertise in designing life spaces in the AP way. Through this campaign, AP and Chef Kapom will share the charm of a Thai family, mom-cooked food and upcountry homecoming. APITOWN, is a milestone of life taken to the highest level of quality in each province, with all dimensions of home in all definitions fulfilled to make home a life power charger.



Chef Kapom said, “If you make me define a perfect home, each person might define it differently. But for me, cooking makes a home more complete. The kitchen and mom-cooked food empower you until the day you look for your new home, where every space must fulfill you. A home is a life energiser. I’ve been traveling up north, down south and all over Thailand with the APITOWN brand of quality homes from AP. What I can feel is that AP designs homes that perfectly match how people in each province would uniquely make use of their homes. And the most important thing is that every area inside the home responds to how family members would actually use it. I get energised and it warms my heart every time I see a family dine together at home. Conversations at every meal I cook always inspire me. It’s a great reward of my chef’s life that can’t be found anywhere else but home, and the homes in APITOWN projects are so varied in their designs and yet full of familial warmth.” 




Follow the campaign #APITOWN All Over Thailand x Chef Kapom and feel the joy of living a real life throughout Thailand - up north, down south. Explore local mom-cooked food, see how quality homes from AP are inspired by all these, and discover homes that grow with you and elevate the quality of urban life all over Thailand – via the company’s key channels: Facebook and YouTube AP Thai. There are a total of 5 episodes:


EP1: APITOWN All Over Thailand x Chef Kapom A visit to Chiang Rai, Saturday 25 May 

EP2: APITOWN All Over Thailand x Chef Kapom A visit to Surat Thani, Saturday 1 Jun 

EP3: APITOWN All Over Thailand x Chef Kapom A visit to Chachoeongsao, Saturday 8 Jun

EP4: APITOWN All Over Thailand x Chef Kapom A visit to Nakhon Sawan, Saturday 15 Jun

EP5: APITOWN All Over Thailand x Chef Kapom A visit to Ubon Ratchathani, Saturday 22 Jun



“The strengthening of the APITOWN brand this time is one of our communication strategies to reinforce our proposition for APITOWN as a home that elevates life from AP, one which stands ready to be the best choice for homebuyers to choose from our portfolio of 1-2-storey single detached homes, 2-storey twin homes and 1-2-storey townhomes. All of them come complete with massive common areas with all the facilities and amenities to support urban lifestyles. All are under the management of AP-standard quality teams pre- and post-move-in. All are in the right locations in each province and available at the right prices as we plan to roll out 15 new and move-in ready projects worth Bht 13,530 million across all the regions of Thailand,” added Mr. Vittakarn.


For updates on all new single detached home, twin home, townhome and condo projects from AP throughout 2024, click https://apth.ly/APNewHome2024    


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