AP Thailand, No1. in condos for urbanites, unveils LIFE Phahon-Ladprao, a new ready-to-move-in

19 March 2024

first-class lifestyle condo in the heart of Ladprao

AP Thailand, No1. in condos for urbanites, unveils LIFE Phahon-Ladprao, a new ready-to-move-in


  • AP Thailand with a promise of Cheevit Dee Dee Tee Lueak Eng Dai in reaffirmed move as the No. 1 developer of condos for urbanites in Thailand unveils completely built, transfer-ready condo LIFE Phahon-Ladprao worth Bht 3,500 million


  • AP Condo Business enjoying continuing growth amid positive signs from the market rebound organises an ownership transfer event while unveiling the year’s first highlight ‘LIFE Phahon-Ladprao’


  • Super exclusive condo, with limited availability, right in the centre of Ladprao area, has six floors of common areas spanning over 2 rai offering a balanced mix of privacy and first-class urban lifestyle with 700-rai park views on floor 38 - 39 - 40 - rooftop


  • Perfection illustrated in the details of the craft, in combination with marble selection, to create a massive art piece on a function suited to customers’ lifestyles, delivering a unique experience worthy of the best living moment


  • First Gate Open slated for 23 - 24 March will invite prospects to Start Life of Your Choice at AP Condo, as the building will be unveiled to showcase the ultimate exclusivity and balanced privacy in a location 200 metres away from BTS Ha Yaek Lat Phrao and 550 metres away from MRT Phahon Yothin, opposite Central Ladprao


  • Special for registering customers, they are in for a Welcome Home package worth up to Bht 300,000 along with freebies, including Multi-Fitted and Furniture Package from famous brands, as well as all expenses paid for on ownership transfer and much more


  • A new-design 1-bedroom Simplex unit with 35 m. starts at Bht 5.29 million, and a 1-bedroom Extra Plus unit with 42.5 sq.m. starts at Bht 5.99 million. Register for special privileges at https://apth.ly/Life-PH-LP



Bangkok (19 Mar 24) Ms. Kamolthip Bumrungchatudom, Chief Business Group – Condominiums, AP Thailand Public Co., Ltd., said the company is committed to operating with a promise of Cheevit Dee Dee Tee Lueak Eng Dai so that every area in AP Home can grow together with all residents. This is achieved through the development and offering of superior unique features in all aspects of all AP-branded condominiums that always have all the answers for what is sought after by urbanites. Today, AP is ready to unveil its latest move-in ready condominium development called LIFE Phahon-Ladprao. Valued at Bht 3,500 million, the completely built high-rise condominium development is the 20th joint-venture project between AP Thailand Public Co., Ltd., and Mitsubishi Estate Residence (a company of Mitsubishi Estate Group). Built in a location by the main road right in the centre of the Ladprao area, the development had been 55% sold (as of 29 Feb 2024).



LIFE Phahon-Ladprao - a new first-class residence in the centre of Ladprao  


Ms. Niyamaporn Tohsanguanpun, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Development, Condominium Business Group, AP Thailand Public Co., Ltd., said that LIFE Phahon-Ladprao, a move-in ready joint venture condominium project, is the company’s first highlight of the year. The keyword of the development is not merely a place to reside but a space designed to elevate one s life to success, providing unique experiences and moments every day. The development is based on an insight into what is sought after by potential customers around the Phahon-Ladprao area. All that is shown in the unique, outstanding design of the function and landscape as well as the interior under the ‘Live Your Infinite Life’ concept. The development offers a balanced mix of privacy but society and a multi-cultural first-class lifestyle to please every extraordinary need of new-generation urbanites looking for privacy in leading a balanced life in all aspects in a location considered a city lifestyle hub with a unique appeal and year-on-year appreciation of value thanks to the following three outstanding key features:





LIFE Phahon-Ladprao, a high-rise condo with a limited number of only 598 units offers superior serenity and privacy. All units are specially designed to optimise your balanced lifestyle, whether it be from the GRAND SIMPLEX, with its functional area of 35 - 65 square metres, or the NEW VERTIPLEX, with its 4.4-metre high ceiling for double volume, a massive walk-in closet and a functional of 35 - 65 square metres, all come with outstanding design and function just like the 1 Bedroom Extra Plus with 42.5 square metres and double volume living enabled by a 4.4-metre high ceiling, as well as a high glass pane around a dining–living space, a closed kitchen, an airy master bedroom, together with an extra area that can be adapted as a working area or a walk-in closet for a change. Additionally, there’s an airy extra room that can be adapted as a guest bedroom or a gym with no hassle. 





Every element of the design and delivery of the development’s sextuple facilities in an area of over two rai is meant for an exclusive lifestyle as seen in the combination of premium materials with the interior’s detailed craftsmanship resulting in a powerful common area with custom-made design furniture, each of which is just unique to LIFE Phahon-Ladprao.



The first highlight begins right from the Ground Level, with the GREEN PAVILION - a multi-level green garden, both large and small. Here, residents can find serene and relaxing areas nestled in the heart of Ladprao. Moving on, THE PARLOUR awaits - a special reception area providing convenience of uses separate from the private zone for residents right before you enter the main building and the EXCLUSIVE LOBBY, the principal reception corner of LIFE Phahon-Ladprao, where the beauty of the massive natural Nero Chanel Marble from Carrara, Italy - known to be rare and expensive - meets the charm of the black-dark grey mineral lines to highlight the character offering a special greeting experience. And what is an extra treat to the eye is the detailed design of the interior with all kinds of lines interwoven into exotic patterns in and outside making all the immaculate moments more special right before a separate space allocated for privacy in the Privilege Lounge and Cozy Lounge whose main decorating materials are topped with White Onyx, not to mention all the custom-made furniture. 


Higher up, onto the common area on the 8th floor is THE CARDIO CLUB, a gym designed to support personal treadmills, especially ones for private and couple uses, with outside views of small green gardens, making it an ideal place to chill out close to nature.



The most outstanding featured highlight lies nowhere else but in the expansive rooftop facilities across a total of four floors: 38 - 39 - 40 right up to the rooftop, where Cheevit Dee Dee Tee Lueak Eng Dai is right in front of you. It comes complete with all the first-class lifestyle elements in one place, starting with the EXCLUSIVE SKY CLUB on Floor 38, where a relaxing corner is designed to give a strikingly extraordinary experience with special Palissandro White marble décor notable for its brown mineral lines intertwined with the grey prints together with wide glass panes offering a panoramic Park View and City Sky View.



Up next on Floor 39, THE CLOUD SOCIAL CLUB catches the eye at first glance with the Van Gogh Onyx, a massive transparent natural marble noted for its yellowish-orange that looks in contrast with its whitish-grey minerals, making you feel a visit to a natural art exhibition in a Space in Space design with co-working space and relaxing areas supportive of both private and social work.



And the highlight on the 40th floor is the ACTIVE ATRIUM–PRIVATE STUDIO. This fitness gym comes complete with a full range of equipment and lets you enjoy the city views 24 hours a day. The ultimate highlight facility here is the SKY POOL PAVILION & JACUZZI, a 5-function semi-outdoor swimming pool with a children’s section separate from the adult section. The L-shaped facility is over 30 metres long and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It also lets you enjoy the massive 700-rai park views and Ladprao city views in the best dimension. And last but not least, the SKY PARK ROOFTOP, a massive 6-function greenery in the sky to meet every relaxing need. The facility is designed to support a wide range of uses in private zones close to Bangkok’s horizon, making you feel wholesome simply through a walk-by.




LIFE Phahon-Ladprao is built on a plot of 2 – 2 – 92.2 rai. High-rise condominium development with the fewest number of units. It is located on the main Phaholyothin Road, known to be at the nexus of various commutes and a fast and convenient starting point to all destinations. It is only 200 metres away from BTS Ha Yaek Lat Phrao and just 550 metres away from MRT Phahonyothin, opposite Central Ladprao and the new Central’s Mega Project near Lotus’s and JODD FAIRS DanNeramit night market. The location has everything for everyone. In addition to large shopping complexes, there are a number of hopping cafes and many public parks located nearby for you to carry out various activities to recharge amid nature and discover new stories every day. 



The company is confident that LIFE Phahon Ladprao will be the best move-in ready first-class residence among the condominiums in and around the area, thanks to its outstanding design that best responds to the need for privacy, detailed attention to the allocation of shared facilities integrating unique premium quality of decorating materials in every space to provide a platform to success. All of this represents the intent of AP Thailand Public Co., Ltd., and Mitsubishi Estate Residence (a company of Mitsubishi Estate Group) to give homeowners a superb residence on a promise of Cheevit Dee Dee Tee Lueak Eng Dai, both companies want to invite home-buyers to Start Life of Your Choice at AP Condo.


Valued at Bht 3,500 million, LIFE Phahon-Ladprao is comprised of a 40-storey tower with 598 units and 1 retail store. The development’s residential quarters are from the 8th floor to the 39th floor. Floors 8 - 34 offer GRAND SIMPLEX residences one bedroom sized 35 sq.m. – two bedroom sized 65 sq.m., starting at Bht 149,000/sq.m. or starting at Bht 5.2 million, and Floors 35 - 39 offer NEW VERTIPLEX residences sized 35 - 65 sq.m., starting at Bht 155,00/sq.m. or starting at Bht 8.69 million. The company is scheduled to give the condominium its FIRST GATE OPEN on 23 – 24 March.


To register to receive special privileges and see the real spaces before others, click https://apth.ly/Life-PH-LP    


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