AP SDH celebrates sold-out success of THE CITY Bangna 2

29 May 2024

‘LIFE SPACE’ concept of home further reinforced

AP SDH celebrates sold-out success of THE CITY Bangna 2


  • SDH Group of AP Thailand, a real expert in designing functional space tailored to homeowners needs, reinforces the concept of home as LIFE SPACE - HOME IS NOT JUST DWELLING, IT IS YOUR PERSONAL EMPIRE


  • Reflecting strong purchasing power in luxury market, AP marks the close of THE CITY Bangna 2’s Phase 1 with sales of Bht 1,500 million, worthy of the ultimate location in the Bangna area close to MEGA BANGNA, where every lifestyle is elevated by the surrounding facilities


  • Experience a new definition of living under the LIFE SPACE concept, where home is your personal empire with the simultaneous presale of 5 new single detached home projects on 22 - 23 June: THE CITY in 4 high-potential locations Bangna, Rama 5-Nakhon-In, Donmueang-Chaengwattana, Kanchanaphisek-Bangkae and MODEN Prachauthit 90



  • Listen to The Space Thinker Podcast by Dr. Wit Sittivaekin, who discusses the relationship between man and home evolution from the Industrial Revolution to modern-day changes in 6 episodes at https://apth.ly/a4p


  • For updates on all new single detached home, twin home, townhome and condo projects from AP throughout 2024, click https://apth.ly/APNewHome2024



Bangkok (30 May 24) – AP Thailand Public Co., Ltd., the leader of Thailand’s property development industry with a promise of Cheevit Dee Dee Tee Lueak Eng Dai, by Mrs. Pimpun Preechanont, Senior Executive Vice President, SDH Brand Development and Management, revealed that the company’s business focus on emphasising the strength of AP’s single detached homes as the real expert in space design under the concept of LIFE SPACE as AP wants ‘home’ to be more than ‘home’ - HOME IS NOT JUST DWELLING, IT IS YOUR PERSONAL EMPIRE. In the latest development, the company has enjoyed huge success with a special sales session for THE CITY Bangna 2. The firm closed the sale of the project’s first phase with all units sold out in just a few days, generating Bht 1,500 million in sales. The success is evidence that there is still purchasing power in the luxury market when products meet customers’ preferences regarding location, functional space, and price.


THE CITY Bangna 2 offers luxury single detached homes on an area of 100 square wah each. With a functional space of 390 - 580 square metres, all units are in British style. Four models are available to choose from, all with an attic and an outstanding location - only 1.5 kilometres away from MEGA BANGNA. The site supports today’s and future city and business expansion and is close to the Second Stage Expressway – the Burapha Withi and Kanchanaphisek Line. Prices range from Bht 25 million to Bht 45 million.



The Bangna zone is one of the zones where our low-rise projects, including single detached homes, townhomes and twin homes have seen great success. Our Single Detached Home Business Group had previously launched THE CITY Bangna, and now only a few units of that project remain unsold. Our insight into customers in the Bangna area shows that people are looking for large homes where multiple generations can live together. And the outstanding supplies of houses with a minimum area of 100 square wah are offered for a price of around Bht 35 - 70 million. That’s why we launched THE CITY Bangna with the outstanding location and a starting size of 100 square wah for sale at a value price of only Bht 25 - 45 million, which gave us an advantage enabling us to enjoy a sold-out first phase and we are planning to kick off the second phase soon in response to the growing demand”, added Mrs. Pimpun.



In addition, on 22 - 23 June, the Single Detached Home Business Group will organise the official presale event for 5 new projects. These include THE CITY developments in 4 high-potential locations namely 1) THE CITY Bangna 2. Valued at Bht 3,700 million, the new Bangna empire appeals to all eyes with its British accent on offer at Bht 25 - 45 million 2) THE CITY Kanchanaphisek-Bangkae. Valued at Bht 800 million, it is available exclusively to only 26 families. Only 2 minutes away from The Mall Bangkae, it is offered for a price of Bht 30 - 50 million 3) THE CITY Rama 5-Nakhon-In 2. Valued at Bht 850 million, it offers 53 units of luxury single detached homes right in the middle of the Rama 5 area close to Den La connecting Ratchapruek. Prices are Bht 17.5 - 25 million 4) THE CITY Donmueang-Chaengwattana. Valued at Bht 1,700 million, the project offers massive-function single detached homes with 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 4-car parking. Connecting Chaengwattana, Songprapha, Tiwanon, it is sold for a price of Bht 15 - 25 million and 5) MODEN Prachauthit 90. Valued at 1,500 million, the Japanese-style single home development is conceptualised for all the massive functions on an area of 235 square metres. With convenient access to the expressway connecting Sathorn-Rama 3-Bangna, it is offered for a price of Bht 4.39 - 7.99 million. Register for a project visit and a lot of special promotions at https://apth.ly/SDH-New-Q2-2024



For updates on all new single detached home, twin home, townhome and condo projects from AP throughout 2024, click https://apth.ly/APNewHome2024   


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